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Press Releases

  Release Date Version Summary
WHITEPAPERS March 2019 PDF ZillionGrid WhitePaper - Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure Version 1 - Phase 1
February 2022 PoS Zillion Token Platform (ZLT) - Custom Tokens (ERC-20), Smart Contracts and NFT's
February 2022 ZillionGrid V3 WhitePaper - Para-Cluster Syndetic Grid Infrastructure
February 2022 ZillionWeb3 WhitePaper - PoS, Staking (also offline), WebWallet (MEW style), ZillionMask (Metamask), Domain Name System, Swap Engine, AnyDEX Decentralized Exchange
HTML (with video)
Announcing The ZillionGrid "Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure"
INSTALL MANUALS March 2019 PDF ZillionGrid BETA - Install ZillionGrid Server Node
VIDEO PRESENTATIONS Feb 23, 2019 The ZillionGrid in 60 seconds: The ZillionGrid "Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastrucuture" is an innovative approach to a hybrid blockchain infrastructure for applications. This 60 second video clip introduces the concept and the 3 main parts of the grid: Server Nodes, Universal API and Software Suites.
Mar 18, 2019 ZillionGrid - Introduction (Series 1- Video 01): This is a quick introduction and overview of the ZillionGrid. What is it and what can you do with it. We also present a few of the applications running on the grid.
Apr 14, 2019 ZillionGrid - White Paper (Series 1- Video 02): In this video we present the ZillionGrid White Paper, or a technical summary of what the ZillionGrid is all about, including innovations and development timeline.
Apr 15, 2019 ZillionGrid - Server Nodes (Series 1- Video 03): In this video we take a closer look at the ZillionGrid Server Nodes Class A, B and C. We also demonstrate a few of the hardware configurations and a 3D model of our own designer case, specially designed for multiple configurations.
Conrad Roberts on ResearchGate
Conrad Roberts on Academia.edu
RESEARCH PAPERS December 2021 PDF World Financial Networks and Blockchain Innovations powered by ZillionGrid3.0 (Research Gate)
ARTICLES Aug 28 2018 HTML The ZillionGrid vs The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956
March 26 2019 HTML TechCompanyNews: What is the ZillionGrid
March 11 2019 HTML Interview with Conrad Roberts aka Mr.Zillion


ZillionPress website is a collection of all Zillion papers, articles and transcripts. All data is chronologically presented and can be used for publishing and redistribution.
The ZillionGrid is a "Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure". It is a total blockchain application framework including a Universal API for programmers and a Software Factory with turn key software solutions.
ZillionCoins are an open source crypto currency featuring it's unique ZillionFLUX algo. It provides the backbone of the ZillionGrid blockchain operations.
The ZillionGrid will become a massive, worldwide initiative to build the ZillionGrid and expand its functionality. There are many projects under development at any given time. The Zillion Beta program allows early adopters to participate and contribute to the release process and provide feedback and guidance to new users.
To maintain a secure blockchain, miners are the primary contributors to that process. ROI is automatically created via blockchain rewards. Mining requires optimized hardware.

About Us

ZillionCoin was created by a handful of computer programmers, crypto enthusiasts and freelance designers. Part of the ZillionGrid runs on the ZillionCoin blockchain secured by the open source ZillionFLUX algo. It is currently CPU mined. Zillion Server Nodes (aka Masternodes) are in the work and will be released as the grid expands and applications are being created.

More info and community presence:

ZillionCoin Website:www.zillioncoin.com - with ZillionFLUX algo
ZillionGrid Website:www.zilliongrid.com - Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure
BLOCK EXPLORER:https://chainz.cryptoid.info/zln/
GITHUB SOURCE:https://github.com/zillioncoin/zillioncoin
TWITTER:https://twitter.com/zillioncoin or https://twitter.com/zilliongrid or https://twitter.com/misterzillion
FACEBOOK:https://facebook.com/zillioncoin or https://facebook.com/zilliongrid